What potentially we could do for you as consultants?

Well, before answering this questions, let me start from saying that we are hands-on business people in first instance and consultants in the second. Why is that important for you? Let me explain:

Before we ever bring our ideas and methods up to your organisation in order to help you deal with challenges you face, we had tested them (many times) in our own businesses at our own expense. Does it make a difference? Yes it does. And the difference lies in the RESPONSIBILITY OF RESULTS.

In our consulting practice we are not not after new fashionable methods and theories, where there are lots of complex names to be remembered and which literally need dozens of PPT slides to be explained. Don’t get me wrong – I am not saying there is something negative about them. On the contrary – usually there is a robust research work behind. What I’m trying to say is that what we are after are SIMPLE SOLUTIONS THAT JUST DO THEIR WORK. No more and no less that that. And this very approach comes just from our business experience. So if you decide to hire us to do work for you – don’t expect too many colourful presentations and hundreds of pages of analysis – but definitely you can hold us accountable on the results.

What can we do for you then? We work in few areas of expertise. They are: 


Regardless of what size of organisation we take – they have something in common – they need to do sales profitably. So, what exactly they should focus on?

Well, first they must have a reasonable business model to get their product or services to target customers who are willing to buy them at requested price. Then they must ensure their business processes are effective enough to produce profit. So, how can we help you in that area? There are some ways:

  • First, we can bring to you all our experience and expertise to review your business model and processes, find the gaps and recommend modifications if needed. 
  • Then, we can help you build the strategy of getting your products and services to other countries. Once it’s done – we will make sure your team will execute on the strategy effectively.
  • Finally, if growing your business requires innovation – we will help you to get the technology you need, find ways to finance it – both from public and EU funds or from private investors – and help you in getting your new products to the market.

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In increasingly competitive world, differentiation is key. The number of products and services is bigger than ever, and with such a bewildering choice, it’s often difficult to tell them apart. In this challenging environment, vendors must differentiate not only through what they sell but also through how they sell. Their sales approach must become one of their key competitive strengths. Ironically, 78% of vendors believe they already differentiate themselves effectively through their sales approach, while only 25% of customers agree.

Suppose you had a predictable sales forecast, customers describing your sales team as professional, your company gets its own way of selling – so good it differentiates you and gives you real competitive advantage. Sounds good? If your answer is yes – think of what your customers perceive as professional in vendor’s selling behaviours and modify your sales process accordingly. We will help you to speed up the process bringing our experience and research into the equation. 

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Africa is viewed as a highly challenging environment to do business in. Despite this, however, Africa’s growing frontier markets have become increasingly significant to the world’s economy. Comprehensive economic reforms, improving business environments, effective political reforms and good governance have all promoted foreign investment and contributed to Africa’s economic growth.

At long term Africa offers many opportunities for profitable investment in a range of sectors. While poor infrastructure, instability and corruption continue to inhibit short-term growth in some African countries, the continent remains an attractive destination for local and foreign investment, especially those willing to take risks in the search of greater returns.

For many years we have worked and built robust business relationship in Rwanda, Congo, Congo DRC, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya.

With our local partners we are constantly screening the local economic environment and selecting attractive business opportunities of significant value. Once found, we are creating a project to address the need. To those projects we often invite business partners from Europe, who provide required expertise.

All work related to tender application, project development and management is on us. We make sure that work is done within the timeframe and budget commitments are met. Our business partners are just focusing on delivering their part.

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